What Is Difference Between Lawyer and Advocate?

The words lawyer and advocate are known as synonyms of each other but still there are some differences between these two.  Lawyers can be of many types like Attorney lawyer, Advocate lawyer and Solicitor lawyer.  All of them are specialists in different fields of law. Now first of all let's talk about Lawyer.

Who Is Lawyer?

Lawyer is called the person who is still continue his study in law/LLB. It means that,  this person does not have permission to fight the case in the court because without full study, registration cannot be done for practicing law.

Who are Advocates?

Advocate is usually called a lawyer.  This is a person who has completed his law studies and is practicing as a lawyer for a court, meaning an advocate is a person whose student life is over. It is called barrister in South Africa and Scottish.

Difference Between Lawyer And Advocate


A lawyer is a person who has received law education and training.  The term Lawyer is a very popular term whereas Advocate is a special type of Lawyer who can stand in a court to represent his client.

The word Advocate is not used in USA, where they are simply called Lawyers.  But, the term advocate is mainly used in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth of Nations.

The job of an advocate is to represent his client in court, to defend his client.  And the lawyer's job is to give legal advice, to file a public interest litigation in a matter.  And their role may also change depending on the "type" of the lawyer.

An Advocate can be also called a Lawyer but a Lawyer cannot be say Advocate.  Advocate is one step ahead of the lawyer.  The scope of work of an advocate is bigger than that of a lawyer.  Friends, I hope you have liked this article and I will be very happy if this article can be of little use to you, thank you.

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